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Our passion are products and services that offer sustainable added value and inspire anew every day. Our web agency stands for Digital Progress. Innovative and individual web development, mobile apps and individual software solutions are our strengths.

This requires the right way of working. From the basic strategy to day-to-day operations, as a digital agency we are methodically strong and act agile.

We have questions, engage in discussions and find solutions. A constructive feedback culture is a priority for us.

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About us
As a full-service digital agency, Applie shapes the digital future

Applie AG based in Liechtenstein and our subsidiary, Applie Infosol Private Limited in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City in India were founded in 2018.

We advise, design and program with passion and expertise for customers in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and abroad - and at extremely competitive prices.

Applie's core team consists of 15 specialists from the areas of software development, conception, project management, illustration, UX design and consulting.

Everything is always at eye level with our customers. Because we can only achieve our goals together

We listen, we think ahead - and if necessary, we also take a step back. This is the only way we can ensure that we get the right result at the end.

What sounds like a phrase to others is deeply rooted in Applie: Our whole team has fun, that's what makes us so special. Because if you like working, you work well!

Our big goal is to live this joy every day.

Flexible and transparent

Our expertise convinces clients from the private sector as well as from the public sector. To ensure that it stays that way, we have committed ourselves to a sense of responsibility, flexibility and transparency. On this basis of trust, we successfully implement ambitious ideas together.

What we are guided by – our ethical principles
Respect and Cooperation

The respect and appreciation of different value systems as well as each individual person are fundamental for us. In addition, we attach particular importance to the absence of hierarchies between the specialist disciplines. Mutual respect and partnership-based cooperation form the framework for developing high-quality and innovative solutions.

Customer interest has priority

Our web agency is successful when our customers are successful. Priorities always result from your goals and needs and from the agreed project. That is why customer projects always have priority over internal activities for us. We provide the most suitable employees for our projects.

Professional promotion

We place the highest demands on the selection and promotion of our employees. Professional skills and social skills are the basis for excellent work. Supporting the personal and professional development of all employees is our most important investment in the future

Behavior In Competitive Situations

We offer our services to all interested customers. If direct competitors come up against each other, we will look for a solution together with the companies concerned. We make sure at all times that no non-public information of competitive advantages flows between the customers or the project teams working for them

Project acceptance with responsibility

We are looking for partners for long-term cooperation and to provide excellent services. Therefore, we only accept projects where we see ourselves in a position to achieve the defined goals and which, in our opinion, offer our clients a commercial benefit. We rely on an active and open dialogue with our customers and value their acceptance of our ethical principles.


We treat all documents and information that we receive in cooperation with customers confidentially. On request, we keep the customer relationship itself or the project content secret

No exit barriers

Our customers should be free to choose their preferred service provider at their own discretion. We do not create any conscious or planned dependencies that limit this freedom of choice. It is in our interest to suggest the most efficient and effective solution to our customers, even if this means a reduction or the end of our cooperation


Our behavior reflects our principles. We are committed to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity. We are committed to trustworthiness, openness and honesty. If we use external support in a customer project, we clearly communicate this fact to our customer.


We communicate proactively and transparently. This is especially true in situations that are uncomfortable and therefore require special attention. We do not withhold any relevant facts or recommendations known to us. Should the continuation of a project or a customer relationship mean an unresolvable conflict with our integrity or our quality standards, we make the logical decision to terminate the employment relationship

No financial ties

In order not to jeopardize our professional independence, we do not accept company shares from customers to cover project expenses. We do not knowingly underestimate project expenses with the aim of increasing costs later in the course of the project. If we receive remuneration from third parties (e.g. software manufacturers) for our work in an ongoing customer relationship, we make this transparent.

Internet principles

The basis of our web agency and the success of our customers is the Internet as a global, free and open medium. We do not accept assignments that attack the fundamental principles of the Internet or are in fundamental conflict with these principles. In particular, these are freedom of expression and decision-making, the availability of information, universal access and openness to international influences.

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