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Digital change poses challenges for many organizations at various levels. In order to master these, a suitable strategy for web design and web programming is essential. trust us We'll get you on your digital path.

Why Applie for Web-Design?

Concept & Design

With our many years of experience in the areas of user journey, user experience, content strategy and information architecture, we make your online presence a place that your target group likes to visit (again). Web design is also in our blood and is an important but also natural part of our work, from the fundraising concept to the go-live. Your digital measures will stand out. Promised

UX-Interaction design

Looking good is not enough. This also applies to websites: It's not just a pretty design that counts, but above all user-friendliness and clarity. In short: Websites have to inspire users, otherwise they'll be gone. You can do it with us.

Landing Pages & Websites

Were you found? That is not enough. The goal of a website is to satisfy the needs of the visitor, to generate a suitable impulse for action and to get them to interact. With our solutions they do exactly that.

Responsive web design

With responsive design, a website is displayed differently depending on the screen size and/or device in order to ensure visitor-friendliness. We choose this form so that you can use your website without any problems, regardless of the end device used


In the development of digital products, there is no way around prototypes. Its goal and purpose is to create a graphical representation of ideas, features, and content to gather feedback and improve the product.

Our family design tools and applications

Web development

Technologies and methods used

The Internet is constantly evolving and with it the requirements for web design as well as those for the web programming behind it are changing. In view of regular further training, our team of specialists is always on the trail of the latest trends in frontend and backend development, which means that we can also score points when implementing demanding requirements. Combined with your individual wishes, we enable you to have a modern and user-friendly website, which is also optimally displayed on mobile devices thanks to a responsive design. Web development and web design at the highest level!

Our work ranges from HTML/CSS and JavaScript technologies to highly complex backend configurations for your individual system. The content management system is used to conveniently maintain the content of your website, while we work with Magento for your online shop.


An application programming interface (API) links data from different sources in real time on a central platform and makes them easily and quickly accessible. Thanks to such interfaces, you can structure your product information quickly, keep it up to date and access it easily.


Online shopping and e-commerce are now part of everyday life. If you have internet access, you can also shop online. When choosing an offer, however, findability, information, inspiration and trust play a central role. We ensure that your web shop meets the high demands of users, even in a saturated market.

Content Management

Do you have a large editorial team with high requirements, business tools that need to be connected via an interface or would you like to tell a story with your shop? We use content management systems (CMS) to design your website, with which we can find a solution for all your challenges. We develop technically mature solutions from leading open source components, which give you a lot of freedom for individual design and can be flexibly adapted over time.

Our web development tech stack.

Our web development tech stack.

Web design and web programming with Applie

If you have any questions or would like a non-binding consultation, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to listen to you and find the right solution for you in the areas of web design and web programming!