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What does the cost of maintaining a mobile application include? 


Publishing is not the end of your mobile app's story, rather it is the beginning of the real journey. If you think you have developed a perfect app, you are sadly mistaken. There is no such thing as a perfect mobile app. Think of a mobile app as a person who goes to the gym and doesn't stop continuing to work out and eat healthy to maintain optimal shape even after reaching their desired weight. Once the person stops exercising and eating healthy, they will not be able to stay in shape. The same goes for a mobile app: once the mobile app is released, ideally it should also be maintained to stay competitive. In a digital world full of change, you can't expect everything to persist forever. Change the most important feature of our fast-paced world. Whether in website, mobile app or web design, one day our current technologies will become obsolete.

Is there a solution to this problem? -Yes, a maintenance service. There are plenty of maintenance services available for digital platforms of all kinds, but in this blog today we will only look at maintenance for mobile apps. Here we will discuss various aspects of apps and the factors based on which the cost is defined. Let's not waste time, let's get started.

Cross-platform or native, simple or complex, paid or free - no matter what type of mobile app it is, it needs to be detoxified at regular intervals. If you are a developer or a business owner and think that your app will work flawlessly from the moment it is ready, you are wrong. There is no way you can predict exactly how the audience on the site will react once the app is used. Many problems don't show up until the moment the app goes live. The exchange between the end user and the developer is therefore particularly important, as this allows errors to be discovered and rectified more quickly.

What is involved in maintaining a mobile app? 

Deployment of the updated design
User preferences can change constantly. To meet the standard marketing trend and get a better user experience, updating the app design is an ideal suggestion to improve the functionality. The benefits of a better user experience include increasing customer loyalty, improving user retention, building long-term relationships with users, better feedback in exchange, and most importantly, a positive review in the end, among many others.
Protection from cyber threats
With cyber threats and security breaches on the rise, users are rightly afraid of their private data being stolen. To best protect users from cyber threats, mobile app maintenance is a viable essential solution. When hackers are constantly trying to find loopholes in the app, the likelihood of a security breach increases. With maintenance, you can update the latest security protocols and thus minimize the risk from an attack.
Hosting services
Hosting service is a recurring and ongoing expense without which no single app can function well. As the app data increases, so do the requirements for the type of hosting service. Apart from the duration of hosting, you also need the CPU memory, take into account the support of media types on the server and other features provided by the hosting provider.
Updating functionality and adding new features
From time to time, popular applications add new eye-catching features to stand out from the crowd. Take the example of popular gaming applications like Temple Run, where the graphics are constantly being improved to provide users with the ultimate gaming experience. The additional features help attract new customers and improve the overall user experience.
Compatibility with new devices and operating systems
With each passing day, technology changes, and to keep up with new operating systems and devices, both continue to evolve. Therefore, you need to ensure that your app is compatible with these upgrades. By including a separate budget for maintenance, you'll ensure a longer life for your mobile app.

Types of mobile application maintenance

Correcting maintenance

This type of corrective action deals with repairs, defects, and errors in the overall functionality of the application. It also takes care of errors related to coding, design, and overall application performance.

Perfecting maintenance

It deals with new or improved functions according to the users' needs. If you can meet users' expectations, there is a high probability that the application will do well in the market. It proactively considers the feedback and brings real-time features in the information exchange.

Adaptive maintenance

Adaptive maintenance requires you to keep track of changes to the application. This is done to keep the system up to date. All adjustments in the application are made in the working environment of the operating system, hardware or software environment. Thus, the effects of the changes made are checked for effectiveness.

Emergency maintenance

As the name suggests, emergency maintenance occurs when unexpected events occur. This means that problems or errors occur unexpectedly and cannot be predicted. Under such circumstances, the issues need to be fixed urgently to provide users with flawless app services and avoid prolonged disruption of use.

Preventive maintenance

It focuses on reducing the occurrence of errors and therefore aims primarily at reducing the overall complexity of the application. It also focuses on the factors of maintainability and understandability of the mobile application.


These are the different types of mobile application maintenance. We hope that you are now aware of what kind of maintenance you can ask and expect from your mobile application development company. If you have any further questions regarding mobile applications, Applie AG will be happy to assist you. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you reach the next level of success.