News / 14 Juni 2020

Artificial Intelligence


You've probably heard the term "artificial intelligence" several times. It sounds quite adventurous - like science fiction, robots and blockbuster cinema. Applie explains that there is a real branch of science and technology behind this term, and where you can already come into contact with artificial intelligence today..


„Artificial intelligence“, or AI for short, are computer programs that mimic human intelligence. The goal is to develop machines that solve problems independently by reacting to their environment. Computer systems are not supposed to give a pre-programmed answer to questions, but interpret the question themselves and react "instinctively".

AI has already become an integral part of many areas of our lives. Most people have probably come into contact with artificial intelligence several times without realizing it. Have you ever asked the voice assistant on your smartphone - Siri, for example - something? AI is behind this technology. It is also frequently used in the field of games. For example, you can play poker not only against a human player. If no one wants to play with you, you can also compete against a poker computer - and defeating them is not that easy, on the contrary!