Work / 07 Jun 2021

Top 7 industries where AI is used


Artificial Intelligence is not a new trend or some random technology name that stimulates for some time and then disappears forever. Artificial intelligence brings a drastic change in technological fields and fulfills unexpected goals. AI development services have impacted almost all fields and it is even much the case that many of us are using AI without actually knowing about it. There is no doubt that AI will remain present and continue to help enable our business, our lives, and important improvements in the future.

Areas in which the services of artificial development are used:

Chatbots and virtual assistance

Alexa, Siri and Google assistance are some of the examples of virtual assistance, while automated bots that answer customers' questions are an example of AI-based chatbots that work very good performance. The use of AI in chatbots automates customer support and assists to solve problems automatically. It is the ideal choice to accelerate and transform your business.


Agriculture is not holding back in its use of AI either. Autonomous tractors and AI-based drones are monitoring the productivity and yield of farmland. Automated machines and robots are also being used to monitor crop health and harvest. With the known state of crop health and weather forecast, it becomes easy to increase crop production by taking effective measures in advance.


Artificial intelligence has improved the healthcare sector manifold, it is expected that this sector will grow a lot more. Here AI helps machines in diagnosis, prediction of various diseases and health analysis. In radiology department, it plays an important role in detecting different types of critical diseases and diagnosing them quickly and easily. AI in healthcare sector already achieved very important milestones.

Manufacturing and Production

The timeless goal of manufacturing is to produce more, high-quality products at minimal cost. Smart manufacturing is already enabling manufacturers to achieve these goals more successfully than ever. More and more manufacturers are taking advantage of the opportunities to significantly improve their bottom line - and it's all thanks to artificial intelligence.

Autonomous vehicles

Self-driving vehicles are not magic, but are based on artificial intelligence technology. With the rise of accidents caused by human error, autonomous driving is becoming essential.


Logistics and supply chains are a complex process for a variety of reasons. AI helps to minimize Problems and proves to be a game changer. The AI-powered proactive system increases service quality and improves the efficiency of automated compliance processes. With the help of AI, companies take advantage of predicting their demand ahead of time. With known demand, it then becomes easy to manage operations and reduce ongoing costs. In parallel, transforming warehouses into smart warehouses simplifies the entire operation through software or automation. Amazon and Alibaba have already transformed their warehouses into smart warehouses. What do you think of smart warehouses?

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is an important part of keeping citizens safe and with AI we can fill in the gaps. The biggest problem with CCTV cameras are, wrong angles and very poor detectability. In this neural network, AI can be trained to analyze human actions in the video. The neural network can then recognize human actions and help identify the right person, color, and all the necessary details.


The role of artificial intelligence is very wide-ranging, with many aspects still to be explored and functionalities to be developed. Large companies from different sectors already welcome artificial intelligence in their businesses. Whether you are a big player or a startup, you too can take advantage of AI and get revenue enhancing and automated opportunities. AI is something that everyone can use and it's time to apply it to your business.

Applie will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and help you enhance your company's services with AI, we will develop a customized solution for you.