Event / 22 Juni 2020

New date for the Award Night

FROM  Wolfinger Fabio

Best of Swiss Web: 94 projects make it onto the shortlist

Best of Swiss Web publishes the shortlists for the Best of Swiss Web Awards and the Best of swiss Award. The shortlisted works are among the best web projects of the year.

Who will succeed "Amigos" as Master of Swiss Web? The nominees have not yet been determined - but the shortlist has.

the shortlist, however, does.

On February 24, a total of 378 submissions were evaluated by a 109-member jury of experts according to the respective criteria of the categories. A total of 94 projects made it onto the shortlist in at least one category. These submissions are among the best digital projects of the year and can hope for further awards at the award night: Bronze, Silver or Gold in the respective categories. The projects nominated for the prestigious title of "Master of Swiss Web" will be announced on March 4. Werbewoche is a media partner of Best of Swiss Web and will present the "Advertiser of the Year" award at the award night.

We are pleased with our project Holdeed with on the Shortlist and hope to receive further awards at the Award Night.

We are pleased to invite all project stakeholders employees, investors and contracting authorities to this unique evening.