News / 12 Apr 2020

Challenges and costs of app development 2020

FROM  Wolfinger Fabio

The app industry has passed its ten-year milestone. If in the beginning a good idea and a few lines of code were enough to become famous or rich, today neither is enough. Applications first played a role of newfangled toys in the world of consumption of the main product - information. Now they have become specialized tools and means of production for the purpose of simplifying and optimizing the consumption of information.

The dizzying success of the first apps in the app store led to a huge increase in supply, where individuals and companies wanted to create a new wave. A whole army of app developers mushroomed, mobilizing cheap labor in India, China and Eastern Europe. Today, the wave has turned into a deep calm. App developers are increasingly forced to advertise their applications. The cost of development and marketing is approaching. But the demands on the quality of work have also risen, as the high prices for qualified app developers of CHF 160 per hour testify.

Apps today are highly specialized applications whose purpose is to help human actions in the mobile environment, pursuing different goals. Given the inseparability of a modern human with a mobile device 24/7, apps affect all activities, both professional and personal. Among other things, apps are intended to facilitate services, speed up access to certain information, and facilitate exchanges and interactions between people in the mobile environment.

Today's app challenges are high design quality, narrow specialization, ease of use on all mobile devices, high speed of data processing and secure marketing.

These days, an app can't make you famous and rich overnight. Apps optimize functions of long-established systems of human interaction with information, both for professional and personal purposes. Potentially successful apps in 2020 are therefore mobile highly specialized apps that are native, easy to use, targeted at a young audience or specialists, and help manage everyday life.

As a mobile solutions developer, we are often asked about the cost of an app development. There is no simple answer to this question, because the price depends on many factors like:

  • which platforms should be served (iOS, Android, Windows, TVOS, FireTv, Alexa, Google Home, ...?)
  • How large is the range of functions?
  • How complex is the design?
  • Does the app require a connection to a server (user login, dynamic data, etc.?)
  • Do special security measures have to be supported (topic online banking, payment, etc.?)
  • Is there already a concept / specification
  • Should there be in-app purchases?
  • Should data be synchronized?

Alex Ahlund, former CEO of AppVee, writes at. Techcrunch, dass sich die Kosten von einer durchschnittlichen App auf ca. 6.453 Dollar belaufen. Auxmoney reports that the cost of an app averages 30,000 euros. Other sources write that an app would cost between 50,000 and 2 million euros.

Wer hat denn nun Recht? Die Antwort ist einfach: Jeder! In den letzten 10 Jahren haben wir über 100 App-Projekte realisiert. The cheapest project cost 1000 CHF and the most expensive project just over 1.5 million.

So if you are interested in getting an app developed, then you are welcome to request a quote from us. Just send us your idea and formulate it as precisely as possible. If there is already a similar app, you are welcome to provide it as a reference.